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Inter State Migrant Workmen (Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service) Act, 1979

Registration/Amendment of establishment employing Inter State Migrant workman: Checking of documents while making entry. Original Copies may be verified on production.




  • Application Form duly filled in: (to be uploaded)
  • Fees paid in TR 7: Scroll Number.


Head of A/C


  • 0230-00-101- Receipt under Labour Laws- 002-Collection Under Inter state Migrant workers-27-other fees
  • Security deposit: 0230-001-101-Receipt under Labour Laws-002- Collection Under Inter State Migrant workers- 27-other fees
  • Certificate issued by the local Labour Authority of the workman: Number with date




  • Trade License Number
  • Resgistration Certificate issued by ROC, in case of companies.
  • MOU/Partnership deed/ Proprietorship deed: number with date
  • Contract Labour Registration Number
  • ESI registration Number
  • EPF registration number