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Registration of Trade Union - Checking of documents while making entry. Original Copies may be verified on production.


Mandatory Fields

  • 1.Application Form in Form A duly filled in: (to be uploaded)


  • 2.Fees paid in TR 7: Scroll Number/ requisite fees as per Bengal Trade Union Regulations , 1927


  • 3.Head of A/C: 0230-00-102-fees for registration of Trade Union-001-Collection for trade Union12-registration fees


  • 4.Resolution duly ratified by the members of the Executive Committee


  • 5.Address proof of the Trade Union: Electric Bill, Tax Receipt, TAN etc


  • 6. Declaration/NOC of the land lord of the registered office .


  • 7.Membership Resister: Total number of members and name . 7.Subscription Register: Month & Year, Page Number, amount


  • 8.Names of the Executive Committee Members.


  • 9.Name of the agency/contractor (for trade union of contractual workers)


  • 10.Certificate from a person of authority regarding seven applicants of Form A and the office bearers with attestation of signatures.


  • 11.Certificate from a person of authority regarding the total number of workmen with which the union is connected and the total number of members of the union.