How to digitally sign your documents using USB Token

Step-1. Plug in the USB Token into your System which is provided by the Service Provider.

Step-2.Install the Driver of that USB Token , which is either in the device or download it online from the Service Providers Portal.

Step-3. Verify the Validity and Credentials of the Certificate by Viewing Contents under Internet Options of IE ( Internet Explorer).

Step-4. The Certificate should be listed under the CERTIFICATES section . View the Validity , etc of the certificate once.

Step-5. The above process from Step 1-4 is a One time job only.

Step-6. Now download the PDF File from the Portal , which may be any Form, Certificate, etc which you intend to Digitally Sign.

Step-7. Save the PDF File in a desired folder in any destination of your Hard Drive.

Step-8. You should have Adobe Reader 11 or Adobe Reader DC in your system which is freely downloadable from

Step-9. Install the software into your system.

Step-10. Now open the PDF Document using Adobe Reader DC or Adobe 11.

Step-11. Go to the Tools option and click on to the Digitally Sign Button.

Step-12. Mark the Area with your mouse where you want to Digitally Sign.

Step-13. Your Certificate details shall be shown immediately.

Step-14. Enter your Private Key password provided by the Service Provider.

Step-15. Check on to the “Lock Document after Signing” Option.

Step-16. You have successfully signed the PDF document.

Step-17. Now save this pdf and rename it by adding a _signed and store in the same folder earlier created.

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