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Ease of doing business notice

Sl. No. Notification Date Description Download
125/08/2017Notification onlist of services to be delivered online under EODB 
227/09/2022Gazette Notification on Deemed approval 
303/03/2015Circular dated 3rd March 2015 - 72 hours 
4General Inspection note under West Bengal Shops & Establishments Act, 1963 
518/06/2015Notice Self Certification Shops 
621/05/2015permission for Inspection on complaint 
7Procedure for Inspection 
827/07/2015Recent Measures taken 
918/06/2015Self Certification under Payment of Wages Act 
10Standard operating procedure for registration under BOCWA Act 
11Standard operating procedure for registration under Contract Labour (R & A) Act 
12SOP Shops and Establishments  
13Check list shops 
14General checklist for registration, renewal, amendment and grant of license under different labour laws administered by labour c 
1523/05/2016Notification for Inspection 
1623/05/2016Office order regarding online registration/license under CLRA & BOCWA 
17General Procedures for Inspection under various Labour Laws administered by Labour Commissionerate 
1817/08/2015Submission of a single integrated return under Labour Laws 
1928/06/2016Synchronized/joint-Inspections under Labour Laws 
2028/06/2016Policy on Risk profiling, Inspection norm & Self Certification 
21Basic information on the procedure for renewal of Registration Certificate under the W.B.S.E. Act, 1963 and list of documents 
2221/06/2017Notification onlist of services to be delivered online under EODB 
2331/07/2017Order regarding timeline(One-Day) of Registration under W.B.S&E Act 1963 
24Basic Information on the procedure for online registration, renewal of registration and incorporation of changes in the registration certificate under the West Bengal Shops & Establishments Act, 1963 and check list 
2518/08/2017Submission of Inspection Reports - Timeline 
2629/08/2017Comprehensive Inspection Policy - 2017 
2720/12/2018Notification on restriction of Inspection prior to Registration under WB S & E , Act 1963. 
2830/11/2018Notification regarding Online Submission of Single Integrated Return under various Labour Laws 
2930/11/2018Notification regarding limiting routine compliance inspection to respective checklists under various Labour Laws 
3004/01/2019Order regarding limiting routine compliance inspection to respective checklists under various Labour Laws(06/GL/LC dt 04.01.2019 
3128/12/2018Notification regarding elemination of renewal of registration under W B S & E Act 1963 
3211/06/2015Right to Public Services Notification 
3328/08/2017Notification relating to corrigendum of Labour Department Notification No. 1688-GE/G/3A-20/2014 dated, 11th June, 2015 
3401/12/2020Fees Structure 
3501/12/2020Notification of Auto Renewal under Labour Department 
3601/12/2020Notification of Feedback 
3701/12/2020Notification of Labour Welfare Board 
3801/12/2020Notification of Digital Register 
3901/12/2020Right To Public Services Notification 2020 
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