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Ease of doing business notice

Sl. No. Title Download
1Office order regarding online registration/license under CLRA & BOCWA 
2Office order regarding computerised allocation of Inspectors 
3Notification for Inspection 
4Corrigendum of the order on 470-IR/3C-04/2015 dated 23rd May 2016 
5Industrial Disputes Act amendment bill 
6General Inspection note under West Bengal Shops & Establishments Act, 1963 
7Circular dated 3rd March 2015 - 72 hours 
8Amendment rule s & E Act on OT 
10Self Certification under Minimum Wages Act 
11Self Certification under Payment of Wages Act 
12Shops & Est Amendment bill 
13Standard operating procedure for registration under BOCWA Act 
14Standard operating procedure for registration under Contract Labour (R & A) Act 
15SOP Shops and Establishments  
17check list shops 
18F I N A L MEASURES -Annex-A 
19Industrial Disputes Act amendment bill 
20General checklist for registration, renewal, amendment and grant of license under different labour laws administered by labour c 
21General Inspection note under West Bengal Shops & Establishments Act, 1963 
22Self certification under Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act 
24permission for Inspection on complaint 
25Notifications under different Acts 
26Recent Measures taken 
27General Procedures for Inspection under various Labour Laws administered by Labour Commissionerate 
28Submission of a single integrated return under Labour Laws 
29Synchronized/joint-Inspections under Labour Laws 
30Policy on Risk profiling, Inspection norm & Self Certification 
31Basic information on the procedure for renewal of Registration Certificate under the W.B.S.E. Act, 1963 and list of documents