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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q1. What are the documents to be attached with the Registration application form ?

There are five documents to be attached with Registration form e.g. Trade License, Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association/Partnership deed, Any other Document in support of correctness of the particulars mentioned in the Application if required, Other Certificates of Registration in case of other than Company, Proprietorship or Partnership firm like Cooperative, Trustees etc. and Factory License if any.

Q2. What are the steps to be followed while filling up Online Registration Application Form ?

The steps are defined or available in the Registration Guideline deployed on the Online wblc Portal http://wblc.gov.in

Q3. What is the reason behind showing an error message as 'You have been suspended/deactivated by the Principal or your Work Order has been expired?

After providing the Serial Number/Reference Number along with the License Number while checking the Availability for applying the application, if you get the above error message, the reason behind this can be either your Principal Employer has deactivated you (Contractor) from the list of Contractors engaged or your tenure of the Work Order has been expired. In both the cases, Contractors are advised to contact the Principal Employer for changes in the information provided by them.

Q4. How will I get my FORM-V?

Q5. While applying for Contractor License what is meant by FORM-V serial number?

Q6. How to apply for new Contractor License?

Q7. How to generate a new password?

Q8. Being a Contractor what details should be provided in Establishment section for New Registration?

Q9. How to change/increase/decrease Maximum number of Contract Labour ?

Q10. What is offline/manual registration number?

Q11. What type of application is to be applied for Already Registered?

Q12. What is the validity of registration of Principal Employer?

Q13. What is the reason behind showing an error message as 'You have been suspended/deactivated

Q14. When Contractor License is applicable?

Q15. What is Form-V while applying for Renewal?

Q16. What is the relation between FORM-V serial number and License Number/Renewal

Q17. In case of multiple establishments of a Principal Employer , how will you apply for Registration of Contract Labour?

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