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Financial Assistance to the Workers of Locked Out Industries

Government of West Bengal initiated a scheme to provide financial assistance to the jobless workers. The eligibility criteria was that - The factory should have been under closure/suspension of work/lock out for more than a year. Initially, the amount of money to be given to each worker was fixed at Rs.500/- per month. The same has been enhanced to Rs.1500/- per month at present. The beneficiaries also get one time Id/Puja ex-gratia. At present, the rate of this has been enhanced from 1000/- to 1500/- per year. A detailed statement of payment of financial assistance to the workers of locked-out industrial units during the year from 2011-2012 to 2014-15 is shown in the table: Year No. of Units No. of workmen benefited  Amount received (Crore) Amount paid (crore) 2011-12 222 30,113 70.64 48.36 2012-13 208 19,393 39.25 34.98 2013-14 198 16,730 34.95 31.88 2014-15 197 17,308 37.51 34.43 Click Here to Download the pdf version
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