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Standard operating procedure

Registration of Establishments
Under Building and Other Construction Workers Act, 1996.

Responsibility: Employer.
Activity:- The applicant shall open ‘www.wblc.gov.in’ and will select e-services and Registration of Establishment thereafter. A guide line will appear agreeing which he/she will land up in the log in page. If the applicant is an already registered user, he/she will log in using the credentials. For a new user he/she fills up a Common Application Form (CAF) in the Portal of wblc.gov.in, which includes mainly applicant’s Personal Information including PAN/Voters ID/Aadhar/Driving License, Trade License Number, any other unique number tagged with that establishment, Contact Information, Establishment Information, Number of workers employed, Login Information etc. with Preferred User name & Password and create a User Credential.
Responsibility: Employer.
Activity:- Logs into the system with the valid credentials and captcha and lands up in the Dashboard.
Responsibility: Employer.
Activity:- Selects BOCWA Online Registration Form from Panel and fills up necessary information about Establishment and uploads self-certified copies of required documents.
Documents Involved: I.Trade License, II. Article of Association and Memorandum of Association / Partnership Deed, III. Any other document in support of correctness of the particulars mentioned in the application if required, IV. Other certificates of registration in case of other than company, proprietorship or partnership firm like cooperative, Trustees etc., V. Challan, VI. Work Order, VII. Form I for assessment of CESS, VIII. Documents in support of Payment of welfare CESS, IX. Documents in Support of Correctness of Application, X. Address Proof.
Responsibility: Employer.
Activity:- Views the Filled in Information in the Application Preview Section before Final Submit or in case of corrections he/she rolls back to earlier sections and makes corrections and submit the application. The application is then reverted back to concerned officials according to jurisdiction for verification
Responsibility: Inspector concerned.
Activity:- Logs into the system with Credentials and lands up in the Dashboard and selects the application from the Application List.
Responsibility: Inspector concerned.
Activity:- He views the application and verifies details along with uploaded documents one by one and marks Tick (√) which he finds correct and leaves the one as not verified which he finds Incorrect.
Responsibility: Inspector concerned.
Activity:- He may reverts back to applicant for Correction / Rectification with remarks in case any correction or rectification is required or may Call the applicant through System if required to answer specific queries or he/she can forward it to the ALC for approval or rejection.
Responsibility: Employer.
Activity:- Logs into the system with the credentials and views the status of application marked for correction if sent back by the Inspector, makes the corrections and resubmits the application.
Responsibility: Inspector concerned
Activity:- Logs into the system with Credentials, verifies or re-verifies the application as in the case may be, if found satisfactory forwards the same to the ALC.
Responsibility: ALC of the Subdivision/RLO
Activity:- Logs into the system with the Credentials and views all the applications forwarded by Inspector and if found satisfactory allows for Payment by the applicant.In case ALC finds something that is not satisfactory in the application he may revert it back either to the applicant or the Inspector as he deems fit. ALC can also reject the application if finds so after observing principles of natural justice.
Responsibility: Employer.
Activity:- Views application status in the Dashboard marked as PAYMENT (PAY NOW) by ALC and makes payment Online through GRIPS.
After successfull payment of fees statutory Form I is automatically generated. Applicant can digitally/in-hand signs the FORM-I and upload it. After FORM-I is successfully uploaded, an acknowledgement is generated.
In case it is returned back by the ALC he views on the Dashboard the status of application marked for correction and makes the necessary corrections and resubmits the application.
Documents Involved: FORM-I
Responsibility: ALC of the Subdivision
Activity:- Logs into the system with the Credentials. After satisfactory payment and correct FORM-I is uploaded with signature, ALC issues Digitally signed Registration Certificate – FORM II and Uploads in the system.
Responsibility: Employer.
Activity:- Logs into the system with the Credentials and downloads the BOCW Registration FORM-II digitally signed by ALC.
Responsibility: Employer.
Activity:- Track Status of Application through SMS Alerts generated through the System starting from Creating Login Credentials, Submission of Application, Correction Required, Payment of Fees , Status of Approval or Rejection , Status on issue of BOCWA Registration Certificate.
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