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The Contract Labour(Regulation & Abolition) Act, 1970

The Act applies :
     (i) to every establishment employing twenty or more contract labourers and
     (ii) to every contractor who employs/employed twenty or more workmen [Sec.I(4)].

 In West Bengal the number of workmen is 10 or more.

      The Act provides for regulation of contract labour coming within it's purview. It also provides for prohibition of employment  of contract labour in any process, operation of other work in any establishment by issue of a notification by the appropriate  Government in the Official Gazette after consultation with Central or state Contract Labour Advisory Board as the case may be.  The Act also provides for registration of establishments and licensing of contractors.

        I have read and understood the provisions of the Act & Rules framed thereunder and I declare that I shall abide by the provisions of the Act & Rules whereever applicable.

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