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Important Notification

Sl. No. Notification Date Title Download
123/11/2022Labr/435/Law dated 22.11.2022 
223/02/2021CO/Secretary/Social Security Board Notification 
323/02/2021CO/Secretary/Social Security Board Notification 
423/02/2021CO/Secretary/Social Security Board Notification 
508/11/2019Exemptions relating to Bye Elections in West Bengal 
6Industrial Dispute (Amendment) Act, 2010 
722/10/2014Notifications under different Acts 
801/10/2010Rate of Cess 
911/06/2015Right to Public Services Notification 
1011/06/2015Notification relating to corrigendum of Labour Department Notification No. 1688-GE/G/3A-20/2014 dated, 11th June, 2015 on time l 
1103/03/2015Submission of Inspection Report Within 72 Hours 
1221/05/2015Surprise Inspection 
1315/06/2015Synchronized Inspection System of Multiple Inspections by one Inspector Labour Dept. 
1401/08/2016Reconstitution of State Advisory Contract Labour Board. 
1501/08/2016Reconstitution of West Bengal Tea Plantation Employees Welfare Board. 
1631/08/2016Reconstitution of West Bengal Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board. 
1731/08/2016Reconstitution of West Bengal State Social Security Board. 
1831/08/2016 Reconstitution of West Bengal Unorganised Sector Workers Welfare Board 
1928/09/2016Reconstitution of West Bengal Labour Welfare Board 
2028/09/2016Reappointment of the Minimum Wages Advisory Board. 
2105/06/2018Reappointment of the Minimum Wages Advisory Board 
2228/12/2018Office order regarding online Registration/Renewal under MTW 
2310/06/2015Shops & Est Amendment bill 
2403/03/2021Notifications under different Acts 
2529/11/2014Amendment rule s & E Act on OT 
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